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Welcome to Hotel Berlin*** in Budapest

2016.06.04 HAPPY NEWS!!!
From today we have direct city bus to

CITY CENTER (15 minutes) Váci utca
TROPICARIUM (15 minutes)

BUS NUMBER 133E - working every day from morning till midnight!

1 650 Ft - 24hour ticket 6.-eur
4150  Ft - 72hour ticket 14.-eur
Single ticket 450 Ft  1,5.-eur
Available at the reception


Lunch 2 courses only 3.-eur for all our guests from monday to friday


Thank you! We have reached score of 6.7  on booking.com !
We are constantly improoving our Hotel Berlin***!

As usuall this years january-february cannot pass without a major improvement in our services! Let us show you last years accomplishments.

2013 - heating-cooling system renovation, all carpet change, all inner painting
2013 - more TV channel by 30%
2013 - new multifunctional conference rooms total of 600 SM(airconditioning, sound)
2014 - all bathrooms renovated, new door locks(proxy card), new doors

2013- since this year we are constantly changing our room furnitures, about 15 has been already changed

We hope you will visit us and enjoy our services during your stay in Budapest!

Hotel Berlin*** management

Hotel is under new management since 2012 19th March.

Welcome to our website, welcome to our Hotel Berlin***.

Our hotel is located just 4km from the downtown on the Buda side of Budapest, with good public transport connection. Our goal is to make a hotel, to where our guests come back with smiley on their face. As we travel a lot we know, that far away from our home, we always welcome a clean, nice hotel with fresh and tasty food with kind and helpul staff. Thats what we are doing in our Hotel Berlin, which us ran by two friends from hotel college school. Both of us were working in travel industry in the last 6 years, when we ended college and now finally we manage to have a hotel, for You our guests, whom we wish a very nice stay at our hotel and in this beatiful city of Budapest.

One of us is always in Hotel Berlin, so if you have any inconvenience please ask for us at the reception and we will gladly help you as our staff as well.

Nadim Balouch and Botlik Gyula
Hotel Berlin managers

20 meters from Hotel Berlin***
discounted prices for our Guests

Gauswheel, Freeline Skates, /Streetball, skateboard/ disco as well/, climb wall, LAB skatepark, adventure area

400 meters from Hotel Berlin***
discounted prices for our Guests
birthsday partys